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Road Freight

Efficient Road Freight Services

Road transport is a classic method of freight carriage and remains a versatile option today, well-suited to many needs. At Pioneers Logistics we offer all kinds of national and international road transport.

Among the advantages of road transport are its speed for short and medium distances, its flexibility and door-to-door service. It doesn’t take long to get the logistics of road transport underway as they can be easily adapted to the requirements of a specific route and cargo while still offering a very competitive price.

We transport complete cargoes of any kind of freight, with savings in both time and costs. Thanks to our own truck fleet and a solid network of associates, we can offer you an efficient and streamlined road freight transport service.

Types of Road Freight Transport

Full Truck Load for Larger Volumes of Goods

We offer an FTL service with high flexibility and destinations all over Europe. Many of our trucks are equipped with satellite navigation and tracking systems, allowing us to check their positions online. This means that you know exactly where the cargo is at all times. Based on international standards, we offer a fully secured cargo during the entire transportation.

Less Than Truck Load for Smaller Volumes of Goods

Our LTL and groupage service might be an option for you. With our LTL service, we ship your goods at lower shipping rates. We combine your individual consignment and ship it together with other consignments in the same truck. We separate your consolidated shipment back into the original individual consignment and deliver it to you. So, it will become more economical.

Partial Truck Load for Large But Lightweight Cargo

We can offer you PTL service that is based on how large your shipment is, how much it weighs, if it is time-sensitive and what type of cargo you want to ship. If there is extra room available in one of our trucks and we can fit your cargo into the truck, you can use our PTL service. This alternative provides fast transit times and less handling of your goods as there is usually no need to stop at distribution terminals along the way to the destination. It is also a very cost-efficient solution with no extra charges.

Express Services For Time-Sensitive Cargo

To ship your goods super-fast, you can choose our express service for full truck load and less than truck load. We provide a fast and flexible shipping service to improve your time-to-market.

Intermodal Transport Using Multiple Modes of Transport

We can offer fast and reliable intermodal transport, which means we use multiple modes of transportation, but without handling the freight itself when changing mode, saving you both time and money. With our extensive transportation network, we can create the perfect combination of truck, train and boat, to provide the smartest and most efficient intermodal solution based on your needs.

Advantage of Road Freight

1.Door-to-Door Service

The number one advantage of road freight is that your goods can be moved from door to door; from manufacturer to distributor or from city to town. Only with road freight is it possible to reach into the most rural areas, and deliver the goods directly to the door. Transportation by truck can also act as feeder to other modes of transport such as rail, ocean, and air freight.

2.Highly Flexible

Road freight provides great flexibility. Routes as well as timings can easily be adjusted to your individual requirements. Even if road freight is subjected to weather conditions and traffic delays, it is the only mode of transport with the ability to easily work around any delays and find alternative routes.

3.Perfect for Short Distances

Road freight is very cost-efficient and quick when transporting goods over short distances. As the goods can be loaded directly into the vehicles and transported directly to the destination, the risk for delays in the transport chain is minimized, and the need for reloading the goods eliminated.


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