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Sea Freight

The Most eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Alternative

When cost is your top priority; sea freight is beneficial for shipping your goods in a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way. Compared to air and road, ocean is by far the alternative that is the kindest to the environment.

If you need to ship large goods volumes over long distances, so we offer flexible schedules globally to meet the most demanding shipping requirements. Using a wide range of containers for dry cargo, reefer cargo, and special cargo, we can match your needs. We provide pre- and on-carriage services including collecting of containers, transportation to the terminal, unloading and storing of your goods as well as loading onto suitable vehicles and transportation to the final destination.

To ship small goods volumes over long distances, then our LCL service is the right option for you. We ship your containerized goods at lower shipping rates by combining individual consignments in one single container. At the port of destination, we separate your consignment and deliver it to you. We offer scheduled departures to and from most ports in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Use our E-carrier Portal, to calculate the breakpoint of when to use LCL and at what point a full container load becomes more economical.

If you purchase goods regularly from a specific country or region, then we collect your individual consignments from your suppliers at the port of origin combined in a single container. The containers are shipped on a regular basis weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and delivered to you or straight to the end user.

Advantage of Sea Freight


Ocean freight is very cost-efficient, especially when shipping larger and heavier cargo. You are charged per container rates for shipping in standard containers and the charge is usually based on the size of a shipment. The cost is also decided on whether the goods require a dedicated full container or can be consolidated with other cargo. In case of the latter, your price is often determined by its volume.


When it comes to reducing your ecological footprint, ocean freight almost always wins the battle against air freight and road transport. CO2 emissions are much lower and with the right solutions, containerized ocean freight can contribute tremendously in reducing the carbon footprint of global transportation.

3.Sharing Is Caring

Transporting empty space is wasteful while sharing space has environmental benefits. Sharing space means you use the full capacity of the shipping containers, and by combining diverse cargoes into single shipments, you care about the environment.


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